“It is a new season in your life”

If you follow Apostle John Eckhardt, you will know/ have seen what he said about the GOOD LAND. God is bringing in a good land, a land that over flows; a land that flows with milk and honey. A land has abundance in it; it won’t be a land of struggle it’s not going to be a land where you are going to encounter difficulties in your life. God is bringing you in a new land. Can you say AMEN.

Go to the book of Deuteronomy 1 v 5-8. It speaks of when God instructed Moses and his people to go in. When they got into the land he says you and I need to possess the land. It is one thing to see the land, it’s one thing experiencing the good things of the land but it’s another thing to possess the land. The time has come for us as the church of the Lord, Jesus Christ to take possession. It’s time for you to take possession of all that God has in store for you. How many of you are ready to go IN? Many of you are experiencing mountains which speaks of obstacles in your live that are hindering you from moving forward in your life. When you look at the mountain you say, “I don’t know how to conquer and overcome this thing”? Some of you have mountains in the form of financial difficulties, quarrels with your neighbours, around you at the workplace and you find yourself facing them in your businesses and several of them in different parts of your life. The danger is you can camp at that mountain, remaining and staying at that mountain just by looking and beholding that mountain. Just by doing that you have to realize that it is not going to sort out that mountain. The people of Israel when around that mountain for 40 years not going anywhere saying the same thing. Over and over again. Are you not sick and tired of hearing the stories of people around you saying the same thing over and over again? If you camp at that mountain you begin to surround, align and conform yourself with that sorrow. Make the decision to get out of there. The word asks, “Can something good come out of Nazareth” (John 1 v 46) realise that it starts with you. Last week God said, employ your struggles so as to become a witness of what God is trying do in your life in this season. Let it become a witness and testimony of what God can do. Change your environment briefly to open your mind and ascend, take a flight anywhere but first you have to take a selfie and whilst in the plane look at it and say, “God this is where I belong”. In the clouds high above all trails ,to gather your mind and thoughts. When you get back then you say, “Now I am ready to take on anything and to conquer”. There is nothing wrong with the mountain but how long are you going to be at its foot? Mountains are placed in your life so that you can ascend, they are an elevator. Trust in the Lord to do the impossible.

I declare over your life that nothing shall be impossible unto you. You will be able to do things that you have never been able to do. You will speak like you have never spoken before. You will begin to expand your way of thinking and mindset. You will begin to do and touch things that you have previously never been able to do before. God is opening new doors in your life, and new favour in your life. 

TIPS for unlocking you new season

  1. Get (routine doesn’t feed prosperity or growth)
  2. Don’t be afraid of confrontation; God has given you (wisdom, freedom and understanding)
  3. Believe you will overcome through God who strengthens you
  4. Research to require knowledge and experience
  5. Don’t allow fear (What if) to cripple you, your response must be SO WHAT 

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